Atlanta – Underground Market

March 6, 2011

Recently I had to head to Atlanta for work, so I asked Sara to come along for the ride.  In planing our short trip, she came across the Atlanta Underground Market and upon viewing the web site, I was sold.   The Atlanta market is based on the markets in San Fransisco where small food vendors gather periodically to sell their wares.  The idea is that it’s set up as a private, somewhat secretive event so the vendors are not bound to typical laws and regulations.  No health department, no licenses.  Much fun.

After my conference finished up, we grabbed a taxi and headed to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market – the location that had been announced earlier that day.  The building itself is beautiful and during the week it hosts a variety of permanent vendors.  We arrived quite early and walked into this:

This picture gives you a slightly better idea of the look of the building.

After waiting for 45 minutes or so, people started trickling in.  They were only allowing in a certain number at a time (likely because of fire code) and we heard after the fact that almost 1,000 people attended!  Upon entering, we paid our fee (a measly $2 – well worth it!), and were greeted by this:

Not too bad of a start.  We kept walking though as we were both in search of food before dessert.   The best thing about the various vendors is that everything was sold tapas style – small enough portions that you got to try a little bit of a lot of things.

I started by trying the kimchi fresh rolls from a vendor close to the door.  They were slightly spicy, very sticky, and quite lovely.

I also picked up a cake pop (because who doesn’t love cake on a stick?!?) and took it home for later.

Next up, I grabbed an amazing vegan enchilada with queso, cilantro rice, and agave sweetened ice tea.

Sara went off in search of something of her own and came back with an amazing cold quinoa salad.

We circled around several times and stopped for a bit to people watch before heading for round two (or was it three?!?).  This is a beautiful bakery case that wasn’t open for the Underground Market.  All the same, it was too tempting not to shoot a photo.

Here are people, milling around and eating.

Back to the food….Sara picked up an enchilada of her own from another vendor with an amazing fresh salsa and chips.

We were just getting full when we ran into the lovely people from The Little Tart Bakeshop.  Oh My Goodness…there are no words.  We got a full tour of their table which included shortbread, lemon tarts, chocolate pies, pear and ginger hand pies, apple crisp tarts, chocolate sea salt cookies, etc, etc.  We took more than a few things back to the hotel with us.

On the way out the door we stopped at Morelli’s Ice Cream mainly because the flavors were so intriguing.  We both got scoops of the ginger lavender and sat outside in the quiet to eat.

When we arrived back, we put all our goodies on the table and I took one last picture.  So many yummy things…I didn’t even mention the Pizelles from Nona Rosa, the homemade pimento cheese, or the quiche that Sara saved for breakfast the next day.

An amazing evening.  I would definitely try to attend an Underground Market again.


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